Our Company

Welcome to EBC Business Consulting, assisting investors, domestic citizens and visitors to Bali and Indonesia since 2014.

EBC Consulting is a Bali-based, Indonesian, consulting company specializing in assisting investors, both foreign and domestic, to navigate through the intricacies of doing business in Indonesia. To do this most effectively, we use a team of both foreign and local advisors to find our clients the best solution to their individualized needs in a fast and efficient manner.

More than just business and investment, our multi-lingual team of experts is also able to provide services in a multitude of practice areas, including, but not limited to, land and property, immigration and visa services, market entry services, due diligence, translation and document legalization services, as well as providing assistance to many other requirements, making it a linear and comprehensive process for our clients to have all of their needs answered through a highly experienced single point of contact.

In addition, we partner with Indonesian law firms to help individuals who may need assistance in matters related to litigation, criminal law, immigration law, family law and more. At EBC Business Consulting we deliver access to senior lawyers and consultants, both foreign and domestically trained, who offer clients individualized attention and personalized service to maximize efficiency and results driven satisfaction.

Our multi-jurisdictional practice makes for an ideal solution for those living, working, or planning to invest, in beautiful Indonesia.

Mead Brant J.D.


Mead Brant J.D., is a licensed American attorney who has worked for both a district government and the federal government before being appointed as Director of two 5-star resorts in Bali.

I Gede Putu Bimantara Putra S.H.


I Gede Putu Bimantara Putra S.H., is a senior Indonesian lawyer and advocate. With considerable experience he specializes primarily in litigation involving property, contract, and criminal law.

I Putu Wira Pradnjanidi


I Putu Wira Pradnjanidi, majored in hospitality and worked in the hotel industry for 19 years.  In this capacity, he managed hotels and resorts as well as designing human resource programs and personnel training.

I Putu Tulus Karmadi S.H.


I Putu Tulus Karmadi S.H., is an Indonesian lawyer and advocate. He specializes in a wide range of disciplines relating to (but not limited to): property and family matters, labor law and criminal proceedings.